Thursday, May 17, 2012

EMS Recombination is not for sale !!!

We were dreading the day we would see the EMS on some eBay listing to fit the perfect bladerunner-soundtrack collector swindle... but we knew soon or later something like that was going to happen.

In a way, we were to expect such mercenary interest from these type of gentlemen too... but not so soon.

The whole idea of exploiting the frenzy of collectors to acquire an item is not something we condone, will ever condone, or ever want...

The die has been cast... What could have we done differently?

If we had not shared it and kept to us then it would have never reached the people we wished to share our labour of love with.

I trust that the majority of the Blade Runner fans do share our feelings about what should not be done in the first place... but it seems it cannot be avoided.

Learn to have a deeper look around if you wish to be smart enough not to be ripped off by such greedy individuals.

Beware of the not-so-occasional self-proclaimed ebay sellers who are offering home-made copies of these discs intended as a work from fans to fans and not to cash in easy money on things that are not their own.

Report such items if you care.

Avoid ebay merchants pushing deliberately (re)packagings of such releases as "EMS Recombination", "The Final Mix", "The Sound Of Blade Runner", (but the list goes on if you count the re-packagings of fake "Esper Retirement Edition", "Esper Edition" or "2019 Edition"...).

You might be spending less money to buy what these sellers buy instead of bidding half your wage to support such selfish people.

What these unethical sellers do is buying 10, 50, 100 pieces of their preferred brand 52X CD-R White Inkjet Printable. Genuine Printer Ink Cartridges for their preferred brand of Printer. Standard DVD Storage Cases, Quad-Triple-Double-Single-Slim Jewel Cases CD/DVD to hold Front & Back Graphic Inserts.

Protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers and you will avoid to waste hundred of bucks or quids depending from which side of the ocean you might be.

These people are shameless thieves who steal honest people's efforts to cash in easy money. Just because they got something freely given and solely intended for promotional use doesn't mean they should be allowed to sell it.

The whole auction thing should have been re-thought long ago when it naturally comes to this... letting such people performing this tried-and-tested method on their preferred target market: lucrative collectibles.

Wishing all the experienced collectors and the internet-savvy not to be as smart and dumb as the happy e-buyers from the usual seasoned serial thiefs.

Do not support the ebay-ready counterfeits of your preferred soundtrack.

The EMS Team.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blade Runner - EMS Recombination (The Japanese Tracks) (Bonus Disc) Ltd.

01. If I didn't care/Flute music on the busy streets while reading a newspaper 0.33
02. Percussion music while sitting at the counter of the White Dragon 0.52
03. Deckard looking up at the iron and glass roof of the Bradbury atrium 0.42
04. Chidori no Kyoku [The Plovers] (Full length version) 11.54
05. Ogi no Mato [The Folding Fan as a Target] (Full length version) 10.42

Wishing B5historyman a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

This golden edition of the japanese disc is the version which was originally intended for the release of the bonus disc. With our gratitude to the maker from the rest of the EMS Team, DC & JacKc... Have a better one!

Friday, October 28, 2011

A very big Thank You

Since the soundtracks have been posted on FFShrine and Yahoo BR groups I would just like to say a very big thank you on behalf of the EMS team for all the words of support. Me, Jack and DC are pleased with the reception the EMS Definitive Edition has received. This is what spurred us on to do this set in the wake of the release of the original EMS in 2010. A special thank you goes to all the fellow BR soundtrack enthusiasts who have been kind enough to share their work with the rest of us and graciously given permission for us to use their work from both private and public collections. As I've mentioned before once DC and Jack have finished their own projects and my workload lessens, we will turn our attention to Antarctica. We hope to make a special expanded soundtrack for this oft overlooked work by Vangelis.

Friday, October 7, 2011

EMS Recombination 2011 - Lossless finally release !!!

Disc 1

1. Ladd company logo fanfare 0.27
2. Prologue & main titles 4.02
3. Leon’s test 2.32
4. Los angeles, 2019 1.47
5. The blue room 1.14
6. Flight to Tyrell corporation 1.14
7. Rachel 1.40
8. Voight kampff test 2.41
9. Leon’s room (on the trail of nexus 6) 0.52
10. Harps of the Ancient Temples 2.20
11. At mr chew’s 5.04
12. Memories of green 5.46
13. Blade runner blues (full length version) 10.03
14. I’m hungry jf 1.29
15. Deckard’s dream 1.38
16. Esper analysis 2.25
17. Animoid row part 1 (tales of the future) 3.56
18. Animoid row part 2 1.46
19. Qu’ran 3.50

Disc 2

1. Taffey lewis’ club 2.04
2. Miss salome and the snake 1.22
3. Waiting for zhora 1.17
4. Zhora’s retirement 2.07
5. One more kiss, dear 4.01
6. i am the business 3.15
7. love theme 4.57
8. the blimp 2.50
9. morning at the Bradbury 5.11
10. the prodigal son returns 3.08
11. the prodigal son brings death 3.45
12. Deckard enters the Bradbury 2.15
13. Dangerous days 2.49
14. Wounded animals 10.27
15. Tears in rain 2.56
16. Rachel sleeps 2.05
17. End titles 7.31

Disc 3

1. Ladd company logo fanfare 0.24
2. Main titles (workprint version) 0.21
3. Leon’s voight kampff test (alternate take) 1.26
4. Off world blimp advert 1.06
5. Blush response 5.45
6. Empty streets 6.14
7. Bicycle riders (rain in second sector) 2.25
8. Rachel’s song 4.38
9. Memories of green/blade runner blues (film edit) 5.00
10. Piano in an empty room 3.39
11. Thinking of Rachel 1.49
12. Longing 1.59
13. Damask rose 2.30
14. If i didn’t care 3.06
15. One alone 2.25
16. Desolation path (extended) 6.42
17. Mechanical dolls 2.54
18. End titles (alternate edit) 4.36

   Notes :                                                                     
   2011 started with the release of Blade Runner: EMS Recombination; a team    
   effort to create a Blade Runner soundtrack as clean as possible, without F/X
   and dialogue for fans to enjoy. On its release the soundtrack was well      
   received, spawning numerous other compilations. However the work didn't stop
   For the lossless release, the EMS Team wanted to offer something a little   
   different and not just repackage the original version. Changes were made to 
   the running order and tracks were reworked as other sources were found.     
   Extended versions of "At Mr. Chew's" and "Desolation Path" were created along
   with new tracks "Waiting For Zhora" and "Memories Of Green/Blade Runner     
   Blues". With the help of some new friends, the EMS Team are proud to        
   present for the first time a clean version of "Thinking Of Rachel".         
   Comments :                                                                  
   Blade Runner EMS Recombination is an own attempt to create a Best of      
   soundtrack from all the available bootlegs of Vangelis' superb score.       
   The selection criteria was very simple: find the pieces that represented the
   film score in their cleanest (without dialogue and sfx as much as was       
   possible) versions and be of the best available sound quality. It kept most 
   of the titles of the source tracks only changing a few as some had some     
   obscure titles not immediately obvious to the wider audience.               
   I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did while making this compilation   
   Disclaimer :                                                                
   All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work reproduced reserved.
   Unauthorized copying, hiring, public performance and broadcasting of the    
   recorded work for profit prohibited.                                        
   For archival purposes only. Not licensed for public sale.                   
   Nota Bene :                                                                 
   The usual few words need to be added before going lossless. We would like to
   remind that you should not make profit off what it is not your own. Please do
   respect honest peers' work. The reason to be of this release is for a better
   archival purpose only. It is not meant for private sale and not intended for
   purely selfish trading. Be responsible in giving back what you had for free.
   Consider sharing back what was shared of old if you care. We are only left  
   with what we share eventually. The more accurately (read properly) the better
   for the peers-to-be. Needless to remind to decompress to WAV first (preferred).
   Cue sheet with CD-Text info is included (suggested). Multiple WAV Files With
   Gaps (Noncompliant) if you know your tools. Burn at 4x speed (always) with no
   pause between tracks otherwise.                                             
   Quote :                                                                     
   Roy: What about EMS Recombination?                                          
   Tyrell: We've already tried it: Ethly Methane Sulfonate is an alkylating    
   agent and a potent mutagen, it created a virus so lethal the subject was    
   dead before he left the table                                               
   Get ready for the new mutation...


   To all our friends who have been patiently awaiting this release. As Jack has  previously posted, which I hopefully won't need to repeat verbatim, enjoy these discs responsibly. This is the result of a lot of hard work, especially from DC and Jack and I would hate to see this exploited for unscrupulous commercial gain.


Blade Runner EMS Recombination 2011 - The Japanese Tracks

Bonus Disc

01. Japanese woman's birth control advert on billboard/Off World blimp advert/At the noodle bar 2.45
02. If I didn't care/Flute music on the busy streets while reading a newspaper 0.33
03. Percussion music while sitting at the counter of the White Dragon 0.52
04. Pris and Sebastian enter the Bradbury 1.38
05. Japanese woman on building advertising display/Pris peeking at Sebastian's apartment 1.13
06. Deckard looking up at the iron and glass roof of the Bradbury atrium 0.42
07. Roy pushes a nail through his hand 1.11
08. Deckard escapes through the window ledge/Deckard climbing on the rooftop 1.30
09. Chidori no Kyoku [The Plovers] (Full length version) 11.54
10. Ogi no Mato [The Folding Fan as a Target] (Full length version) 10.42


Notes :

Some of the tracks presented here are essentially (re)assemblages of elements buried in the official view/mix of the movie, enhanced for the listener with soundtrack, audio effects and narration to place the cues in their cinematic context; the flute music and percussion piece being an extreme example of this more cinematic approach to the soundtrack. The rest of the tracks were remixed from the original audio streams to add extra aural details on the japanese cues. There might be some debate as to whether some of this is part of Vangelis' original compositions for the movie, or just someone else's creation. A couple of cues were finally uncovered and included here, thanks to the input of 1187hunterwasser and Kazushi Kimura of the Blade Runner fan network. The rest are part of an ongoing search, which one day may come to a conclusion and expand the Blade Runner soundtrack catalogue further.


Comments :

One of the aspects of the multicultural melting pot portrayed in Blade Runner was the influence of far eastern culture in the daily life of 2019 Los Angeles. From the Chinese food vendors of the White Dragon noodle bar, through the Cambodian sales lady on Animoid Row, right up to the Shimata Dominguez Corporation sponsorship of the off world colonies. Pervading all of this was the music of the far east, whether blaring out from an animated billboard or drifting down from on high from the ever present advertising blimp. Of the pieces played, “Ogi No mato” is the most widely known among the fans, in a mainly truncated version. There were other pieces played and not always as conspicuous. Last year when one of the tracks was identified through the fan network as “Chidori no Kyoku”, the EMS team members began a search of various sources to identify which version of this track was used.
The most likely candidate was a performance by Michio Miyagi. The second step was to review the film and find when the music was played. The track in an excerpted form turned up in the background music playing during the scene with Deckard waiting for a seat at the White Dragon. Layered with other music including “Ogi No Mato”, identifying whether the Miyagi version was the correct one came down to a blind audio test between B5hm, who noted where the excerpt in the film corresponded exactly to the part of the Miyagi track, and DC. When DC independently identified the same part, they both concluded apart from a slight alteration in pitch, this was the correct version. DC began the time consuming process of transferring the track from vinyl to digital media and cleaning the track up, removing over 14,000 audio defects to present the track in its fullest and cleanest version here.
The search still goes on for the alternate blimp track heard as it passes over the Bradbury and during the scene as Deckard hangs from the side of the Bradbury. B5hm’s Japanese source could only identify two words “hito me” literally translates as “person’s eye”....

The EMS Team present here cues taken from the different versions of Blade Runner including previously unreleased flute music and percussion piece.
These pieces were heard in the background during the sushi bar sequence and are presented here for the first time.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

'More Human than Human is our motto here at Tyrell'

Sadly EMS aren't superhuman replicants, as you can tell we've been picking things up on the lam as people spot things we've missed. Mainly it's small niggles we've missed but so far everything is going well with the actual music itself. The Japanese tracks were released early as we were getting such an overwhelming response to EMS2011. It's a nice way of us saying thank you to you all for your support. The Lossless version will follow soon..

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some small changes - part 2

Today I posted a new link on FFShrine which replace the previous one.
This new archive contains Final Artworks for mp3 release + updated sfv and nfo files.
Sorry for the inconvenience...

The EMS Team.